Benefits of Massage Therapy
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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and improving blood circulation just a few health benefits you receive from massage. Yet, many people still think of massage as pampering, or a treat to be saved for a special occasion. Not so! Bodywork treatments improve your quality of life. Here’s just one example:

“I used to work in a job where I had to regularly lift and carry a lot of heavy things, and it hurt my back. So, I started getting frequent massages, and it made the muscles relax. Those massages kept me going in my career. Better blood circulation and healing the tension in my muscles helped me go many years and avoid surgery on my back.” — T. T., age 89, Dallas, Texas

Here’s how the positive effects of massage enhance lives:

  • Professionals who spend large quantities of time sitting behind a desk use massage to find relief from aching neck and back.
  • Athletes who exercise a lot are able to reduce muscle strain with massage.
  • People who suffer from depression improve symptoms by receiving healthy, healing touch that releases endorphins.
  • Cancer or post-surgery patients get an immunity boost from a stimulated lymph system and increased oxygen flow to the body’s tissues. Massage can also reduce the need for, or the amount of, pain medication.
  • Sufferers of arthritis notice fewer aches, pains, and stiffness.
  • Healthy people who enjoy the overall sense of natural well-being that comes from massage.

Additional Benefits of Massage Therapy

Fatigue is debilitating, and is a chronic problem in our society that is always on the go. Taking time to get a regular massage can overcome the conditions that come with fatigue to help you increase energy in the day, improve concentration, and enjoy a more restful sleep at night.

The National Institute of Health supports research studies related to massage.* Some of the interesting findings that make news are:

  • Massage techniques can actually slow the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Massage is helpful to the immune function in preterm infants.
  • Kneading muscles after exercise ‘turns off’ the genes associated with inflammation and ‘turns on’ those related to healing.

You may have a condition to treat, or just want to care for your body. Either way, the benefits of massage therapy is a gift you give yourself for health as well as enjoyment.

Resource for Benefits of Massage Therapy: *See the online magazine, News in Health, a National Institute of Health publication, July 2012 to learn information related to research studies.